Petit urges Arsenal to thrive to win title

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Petit urges Arsenal to thrive to win title

Former France midfielder Emmanuel Petit Advise the old agency, Arsenal, do not be complacent and have to spend money on the player market this summer. To increase the strength of the team directly And return to win the Premier League championship full again next season ยูฟ่าเบท

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal have at the top of the Premier League. This season for months. But in the end, it can’t resist the friction. Especially when Manchester City comes strong in the final curve. Including beating Arsenal directly as well.

Petit as a former Arsenal star Opinion that Arteta will not allow the overall standard of the team to fall to waste And the solution is to throw money into the market. Bring top players into your team, whether it’s Moises Caicedo, Alexis Mac Allister or Declan Rice.

“I have said for a long time that I am a big fan of Moises Caicedo since the World Cup. I’ve said that top clubs are interested in Brighton’s midfield duo. They are one of the best transfer markets in England. The way they spend their money and recruit players into their team is very good. And they should be the standard for any team.”

“In the past, Arsenal have refer to Declan Rice a lot, so if they grab him. It would be a great move. But I’m a big fan of Caicedo, this player can play in different positions, young and talented.”

“Mac Allister would good fit for Arsenal as well. With vision and movement Including his passing. He can also score goals. Which for me is very important for a player in this position. I am happy that top clubs in England are keeping an eye on him.

“Caicedo is doing great things at Brighton as Alexis Mac Allister wins the World Cup with Argentina. So you should intereste in both him and Kaiseido.”

“Caicedo understands everything in midfield. He has a great heart and a great attitude and Mac Allister fits in perfectly with Arsenal with his vision and passing. Moreover He can score goals too. which is important for midfield players.